Love is in the Air

Well, here we are in February and many individuals are commemorating St. Valentines. It is a good time to consider love and relationships to put a little bit of heat in our lives after a long winter season.

Today, I wish to look at what love is. The English language only has one word for love and it is utilized interchangeably for almost everything. We can say I love my partner and I enjoy Chocolate.

Both are using the exact same word and it is just by the context that we can establish the distinction. The Greeks, on the other hand, have 4 various words to describe love. Each word offers a various subtlety to the word that helps us comprehend more totally what is being mentioned.

I want to look with you at the 4 Greek words for love.
These are:
1) Eros.
2) Storge.
3) Philia.
4) Agape.

The first type of love we are all familiar with. Sadly, some people never get passed this type of love and base their relationships simply on sexual attraction. This is the type of love that merchandisers tend to play on with the public trying to get us to buy their items to make us more appealing to the opposite sex.

It was impossible for me to fall in love with my fiancĂ© based on smell as we satisfied through ICQ on the Internet. Our relationship was based on character and relationship which later developed into love. You can say we fulfilled each other and we simply clicked;–RRB- (pun planned).

The point is that sexual love is not a deep significant love however shallow and based on sexual attractiveness just.

2) Storge:.
This kind of love is what we discover in households between the different members. It is the love of mom, father, bros and siblings. This is a much more powerful type of love and includes dedication. “Blood is thicker than water” and the majority of people will do all they can to guarantee their families.

3) Philia:.
It is a great type of love and helps us to see others as requiring our love however, unfortunately, it can frequently also be a selfish love. Many individuals just reveal love to others if they can get something out of it. Fortunately, most individuals like out of pure intentions.

4) Agape:.
The 4th type of love is called Agape love. It is a difficult love to obtain merely because we, as people, are generally worried more with ourselves and how the world and individuals around us affect us. Prime examples of this type of love are people like Mother Theresa, Cardinal Leger and so on.

Without getting spiritual here, I simply want to inform you there is a verse from the Bible that fits well with this idea. It is called the Golden Rule. Luke 10:27, says “Love your neighbour as yourself” and “Therefore, whatever you desire males to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” -Matthew 7:12. All relgions of the world share in this same viewpoint.

Regretfully, lots of individuals in this day and age, don’t like themselves. If you do not love yourself how can you like others? As you like yourself you will find it simpler to love others.

The 2nd thing that stands apart is that the Golden guideline states to do exactly what you desire others to do to you. This is not the like “Don’t do to others what you do not desire them to do to you.” It is not a position of preventing doing evil or harming others however a real DOING of something for others. This needs action on your part. It states “DO unto others”. It is when we recognize that we gain the benefits of love as we involve ourselves in the lives of others, making their lives much easier and more enjoyable, as we would want our own lives to be.

Take pleasure in the month of Love and remember constantly to like yourself and to perform something for someone each day.

We can state I love my hubby and I enjoy Chocolate.

It is an excellent type of love and helps us to see others as requiring our love however, sadly, it can often also be a selfish love. The fourth type of love is called Agape love. If you do not love yourself how can you love others? As you love yourself you will find it simpler to like others.

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